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The Journey Behind Our Texas-Sized Success

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From Small Town Roots to Estimation Leaders

Founded by an ambitious civil engineer, our company traces its origins to a small town in Texas. Our founder, armed with a degree in civil engineering and a deep understanding of the construction industry, identified a huge market gap. Clients struggled to maximize profits due to insufficient time for bidding on projects using precise estimates. Recognizing this challenge, Texas Estimation was founded. Over the past eight years, we have navigated the construction industry’s ups and downs resiliently. Now, we are one of Texas's foremost leaders in construction estimating.


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Your Local Partner For Premier Construction Estimates

We deliver top-tier, accurate cost estimates tailored to meet the diverse needs of Texan clients. Whether you are a developer, general contractor, trade-specific contractor, or homeowner, our team is dedicated to providing you with precise and competitive estimates. These estimates set the foundation for successful projects. Using deep local expertise and understanding of market trends, we ensure that every estimate reflects current market demands and pricing. Moreover, we use the latest digital tools, which further enhances the accuracy and reliability of our estimates. Texas Estimation is your local partner, from Amarillo to Brownsville, for bid-winning construction cost estimates. Let us be the competitive edge in your bidding process.

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Specializing in providing comprehensive estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, Texas Estimation is the #1 company in the Jumbo State. Our team is proficient in all CSI trades, ensuring every aspect of your construction project is covered. With us, clients can significantly increase their bid-win ratio by 95%, giving them a competitive edge in the market. Furthermore, our estimations can boost the contractor’s profit rate by 12-15%. All our construction estimates are delivered on time, thus helping you plan efficiently and stay within budget. Contact us today for a free quote. See how our detailed construction estimates can be the cornerstone of your next successful project.