What Are the Major Types of Costs Estimating in Project Management

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By JAMES GRAYSON | May 18, 2024

Cost estimating plays a crucial role in project management as it helps to calculate the monetary resources needed to complete a particular task or goal. Proper cost estimation is essential for achieving objectives within stipulated time frames and budgets, and ensuring that projects remain on course with their desired budget goals.

Here, Texasestimation discuss the major types of cost estimating in project management so that you can make sure your construction projects stay on track financially.

A Guide to Understanding the Types of Cost Estimation in Construction Projects:

Here are some of the most common types of cost estimating in project management:

1. Analogous Estimating:

One of the major types of cost estimation is analogous estimating, which involves using past project data to estimate the cost of a current project. This method assumes that similar projects would have similar costs and can be useful when there is little information about the current project.

Professional project managers use this technique along with other cost estimation methods to arrive at a more accurate overall cost estimate.

2. Parametric Estimating:

Another type of cost estimation is parametric estimating, which uses a formula to calculate project costs. This method relies on the average cost of similar past projects and includes data from multiple sources such as vendor quotes, design information, and labor rates.

Parametric estimating has become increasingly popular among project managers due to its accuracy and consistency.

3. Three Point Estimating:

Three point estimating is a type of cost estimation that considers three separate estimates of a project’s costs: the most optimistic, most likely, and most pessimistic. Project managers use this method to help account for uncertainties in a project’s cost. 

For example, if you know more about the project in advance, the most likely cost estimate can be used; however, if the project is more uncertain, then the most pessimistic cost estimate should be used.

4. Bottom up Estimating:

Bottom up estimating is a crucial process in the field of construction that involves breaking down an overall project into smaller, more manageable components. This method allows professionals to accurately estimate the costs and resources required for each component, giving a more precise idea of the overall project costs.

By focusing on the details of each component, bottom up estimating provides a more accurate and detailed budgeting approach, reducing the likelihood of surprises or overruns in project costs. This process is particularly crucial in construction, where even small variations in project costs can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

5. Top down Estimating:

Top down estimating is a type of cost estimation that focuses on the overall project costs. This method involves using high level data to estimate the total cost of a project without breaking it down into individual components or tasks. 

Although this process can help provide an estimated budget quickly, it may not be as accurate as other types of cost estimation and should be used in conjunction with other methods.

6. Data Analysis Estimating:

In the realm of construction, data analysis estimating is an essential tool for ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

By utilizing sophisticated software and techniques, construction professionals can accurately predict costs, timelines, and potential roadblocks. This type of analysis is not only crucial for planning but also for making informed decisions throughout the building process.

With economies and markets constantly evolving, industry leaders must leverage the power of data to stay competitive.

7. First Principles Estimating:

First principles estimating is a type of cost estimation that uses basic knowledge and experience to estimate costs. This method relies on the individual’s understanding of the project, as well as their familiarity with past projects.

By using this approach, professionals can make more accurate estimates without relying solely on data or mathematical formulas. It is important to note, however, that first principles estimates can be difficult to make and may require expert judgment.

Benefits of Accurate Cost Estimating in Project Management:

  • The first and most obvious benefit of accurate cost estimating is that it helps to ensure projects remain on budget. When professionals can accurately estimate costs, they can better plan and manage projects within budget constraints.
  • Accurate cost estimation also helps to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently. By properly estimating the costs of a project, professionals can make sure that resources are not wasted or over allocated. This in turn helps to improve productivity and maximize profits.
  • Additionally, accurate cost estimation helps to reduce the risk of project overruns. By anticipating possible problems and budgeting accordingly, professionals can make sure their projects remain on track.
  • Finally, accurate cost estimating helps to ensure projects are completed on time. When professionals can accurately estimate the costs of a project, they can better plan for factors such as labor costs and delivery schedules.


Cost estimation is an essential part of project management, as it allows you to plan and budget accordingly. Knowing the different types of cost estimation can help you to make better informed decisions when it comes to project management, and ensure that your projects are completed within the desired budget. With the right approach, you can make sure your construction projects stay on course financially.

Contact our expert team today to learn more about the different types of cost estimating in project management, and how they can benefit your construction projects.

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