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Your Trusted Partner For Roofing Estimation Services:

Howdy and welcome to Texas Estimation, your trusted partner for premier roofing estimating services. We deliver precise roofing estimates tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced team provides accurate roofing cost estimates. Thus ensuring you receive the best value for your project. Whether you require a roof leak repair estimate or roofing company estimates, we stand ready to assist you. Our dedication to quality means clients trust our “roof repair estimates near me” to be thorough. We offer the following types of estimates for roofs:


  • Skylight Estimate
  • Metal Roof Estimate
  • Roof Repair Estimate
  • Roof Coating Estimate
  • Roof Damage Estimate

Leading Roofing Estimating Services in Texas:

When it comes to roofing in Texas, accurate estimates are pivotal. Understanding the challenges of the Texas construction sector, we offer reliable roof estimates. By using our shingle cost estimator, clients receive a detailed estimate that fits their budget. Whether a new shingle roof estimate or a residential roofing estimate, we can estimate it all. Our services provide precise estimates to help clients make informed decisions. We focus on these key aspects:


  • Deep Knowledge of Local Weather Conditions: We consider Texas' unique climate in the given estimates. This helps protect the roof from heat, wind, and storms.
  • Estimates Adapted With TX’s Building Codes: Our estimates comply with Texas building codes. This makes sure the customer’s project meets all regulations.
  • Estimations That Help You Reduce Overhead: With precise and clear estimations, clients can reduce costs while maintaining quality.

Estimation & Takeoff

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Detailed Roof Takeoff Services For Texas Clientele:

We specialize in offering detailed roofing takeoffs for Texas clientele. Our expert commercial roofing estimator ensures accurate measurements. We provide comprehensive steel roof cost estimator reports that cover every detail. We also include precise roof estimates per square foot to help clients understand the financial aspects of their roof project. For residential clients, we offer thorough asphalt shingle roof estimate solutions. For those searching for a roof replacement estimate near me, our team delivers spot-on and timely estimates. Our client base includes:


  • Homeowners
  • Property Owners
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Roof Window Contractors

Hire Certified Estimators For Roofing Estimates Now!

Try our certified estimators as they deliver comprehensive roofing estimates and takeoffs. These specialists possess the essential skills to evaluate the scope and cost of your roofing needs accurately. With years of experience under their belts, our estimators can give peace of mind by offering transparent estimates. Using advanced tools, our team provides quick and accurate calculations.


Whether asphalt shingles cost estimator or a house roofing cost estimator, our team has them all. This means fewer surprises and a clear understanding of where the client’s budget stands. We make sure you get the best value for your money by considering all possible materials and labor costs. Are you ready to find top-tier “roofing estimating services near me”? Call us today for a free quote. Let our roofing material estimator help you get more projects.

Deliverables Include

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Can you provide roof estimates if my project plans are incomplete?

We work with you to fill in the gaps and provide accurate roofing estimates tailored to your project needs.

How is my project data secured?

Your information is encrypted and stored securely to ensure confidentiality and data protection at all times.

Do you offer roofing estimating services statewide in Texas?

Yes, our roofing estimating services cover clients across Texas. We also provide in-demand estimates to clients outside Texas.

How do you handle price fluctuations?

We stay updated on market trends to provide competitive and flexible pricing options to accommodate fluctuations effectively.

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